Born in Tacoma, Washington, Jennifer spent her first 17 years as an Army brat. She has lived all over the United States, as well as in Germany. During this time, Jennifer gained a passion for travel, history and culture. She began her “obsession” with the paranormal at a very young age. Her love of crypto-zoology helped lead her to studying Anthropology and Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Zoology at Mississippi State University. During this time, she met her husband, Shain, while working at Southern Billiards pool hall in the afternoons and evenings. Shain was born in Mississippi, but he moved around often when he was a small child. Jennifer and Shain soon found that they had more than this in common. Shain was a soldier in the MS Army National Guard…and he loved the paranormal. Jennifer knew that she had found her match. They married in 2001, thus combining their passions for the “unknown”.   

                            After Shain graduated with his B.S. in Agricultural Engineering Technology and Business, the newlyweds decided to leave Mississippi for good. The couple spent several months in Colorado and Georgia, but they felt an overwhelming “calling” to return to Mississippi. They soon bought a home in Petal, and began their new life. Jennifer began her career as the Corporate Chemist for Sanderson Farms, and Shain began working as a full-time soldier at Camp Shelby Training Center. By 2004, Shain was mobilized for deployment to Iraq, thus beginning an uninvited separation for the couple until late 2005. For the next three years, Shain was gone more than he was home. Finally in 2010, Shain returned from his second deployment, and was able to settle back into home life. He went back to work at the newly named Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center as a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP) training officer, as well as began working on a Master’s degree in Information Technology.

                         After learning that they could not have children, Shain and Jennifer began their paperwork to become foster-to-adopt parents. In August 2010, they welcomed a newborn baby named Kylinn into their hearts and home. They finalized the adoption on Valentine’s Day 2013. Even though they were immersed in being parents, Jennifer and Shain still had that burning desire to do more than read about the paranormal, or watch paranormal shows on television.              

                          In 2011, Jennifer found out that one of her good friends from college had recently joined the Southern Paranormal & Anomaly Research Society (SPARS), and that SPARS was recruiting new members. Shain and Jennifer decided to take the plunge and join the group just in time for their annual SPARS Academy in Greenville, MS. After that weekend, Shain and Jennifer knew that an extension of their family was in place. In early 2012, with the merge of SPARS and Truthseekers, the Delta Paranormal Project was formed. As with any merger, there were new faces and new titles. Jennifer was asked by the Founders to step up to the challenge of being the MS Chapter Coordinator, and Shain was asked to become the Technical Manager. Being the go-getters that they are, Shain and Jennifer dove right into their new positions. After two years chocked full of fundraisers, conferences, and investigations, the members of Delta Paranormal Project decided to split back into their original groups. Shain and Jennifer were asked by Paula Westbrook to take over the reins of SPARS and restart the team. 

                       On October 5, 2014, SPARS was reborn. Shain and Jennifer are very excited about where their new team is going. After entering a partnership with Beauvoir, the final home of President Jefferson Davis, they know only good things are to come. They feel right at home investigating, and after dozens of investigations, they can’t wait for the next one.          



         Paula Hayes Westbrook was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. She was raised in the Catholic Church and with the backwoods practices of the area, traditionally referred to as Voodoo or Hoodoo. As a child, she was terrorized by spirits that haunted not one, but two of her childhood homes. Paula took control of her fears and started to face what she feared most. This unleashed her interest in the paranormal.   

                          As a young adult, Paula studied Judaism at the Bnai Zion Temple, and taught Catechism at St. Lawrence Catholic Church, both in Shreveport. From 1992 to 1996, Paula worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a Respiratory Therapist at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, and later at the Ship Rock Reservation in New Mexico.  This is where she learned about Native American religions and customs. This religious knowledge would help in later investigations. 

                         In 1985, Paula became a serious paranormal investigator. She has investigated locations all over the United States, including sites in Fort Morgan, Alabama, Tombstone, Arizona, and Deadwood, South Dakota. Paula formed her first paranormal group, ArkLa-Tex Paranormal, in 1999. Later, she became the Regional Coordinator for Orion Paranormal, a TAPS family member. Her duties spanned Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. In 2005, Paula co-founded the Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society. SPARS became a TAPS family member in 2006. In 2012, Paula joined forces with David Childers (Truthseekers Paranormal Research and Investigations) to form The Delta Paranormal Project, which also was a TAPS family member until 2014. After two years full of conferences, fundraisers, and investigations, DPP split back into its original teams. At that time, Paula asked Shain and Jennifer Vice if they would be interested in leading SPARS into the future. Thus, on October 5, 2014, SPARS was reborn. Paula continues to be a lead investigator, as well as the Event & Training Coordinator, for SPARS. She is still an integral part of the team. She helped form the partnership between SPARS and Beauvoir, the final home of President Jefferson Davis, in Biloxi, MS. Paula continues to coordinate with Beauvoir to schedule events such as the monthly “Meet the Spirits of Beauvoir” fundraisers and the 2015 Gulf Coast ParaCon. She also helps to schedule training events for the team.               

                           Paula has been on “My Ghost Story” on A&E, as well as featured with her husband, David Westbrook, on Destination America's “Kuhn Hospital” episode of “Ghost Asylum” in 2014. Her story about the Jefferson, Texas “Urquhart House of Eleven Gables” was featured in Don Colclosuer's, “Ghost Around Every Corner” newspaper article, and was featured in a cover story for The Jackson Free Press Magazine. Paula specializes in extreme hauntings, to include cleansings of these locations. Paula and David also had a radio show, “The Delta Paranormal Project,” that aired on NLPI network, Blog Talk radio, and Event Screamer Radio.






Kathleen Meschberger- Investigator

am retired from the Air Force. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I’ve always had interest in the paranormal field. From a young age I’ve had many personal experiences. I’m always looking to gain further knowledge and understanding. Two of my hobbies is watching anything paranormal on TV. Second is going to historical places to learn the history of it, especially Civil War Era. 

Shorty Bagby-Investigator

Jeanna McGarrh -Investigator